Unwanted hair can be unsightly and annoying. Fortunately, laser hair removal can solve your unwanted hair problems. True Radiance Medspa offers laser hair removal services in Raleigh NC, Rocky Mount NC and Wilson NC. If you want a smooth hairless body, then state of the art laser hair removal is the way to go.

If you are sick and tired of regular waxing and shaving, why not try laser hair removal. That way you get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. True Radiance Medspa uses a Lumenis Lightsheer Laser for hair removal. This state of the art equipment gets rid of hair follicles which means the hair is gone but you skin is still silky smooth. No more shaving, waxing or plucking.

A cosmetic hair removal laser works by firing light energy at hair follicles. These concentrated light pulses target the hair follicle pigments and thereby destroy them. This happens when the pigment known as melanin absorbs the concentrated light that the laser emits. As the melanin absorbs the light it heats up and burns out. These cosmetic lasers also have settings that can be adjusted to suit your skin and hair type. This prevents unnecessary discomfort and damage to your skin.

Regular shaving and waxing is time-consuming and only provides temporary solution. Soon the hair grows back and you must repeat the seam tedious and sometimes painful processes again. Its difficult to keep up these tedious tasks. Hair removal has become a lot more scientific and a lot more effective. At True Radiance Medspa they have got hair removal down to an art.

So if you want a smooth and silky skin void of unsightly hair, then visit the team at True Radiance Medspa for permanent hair removal.