Botox is an extremely popular cosmetic treatment which does not need plastic surgery. It is because this is a treatment that is almost unbeatable for curing fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. The results will be visible immediately after the treatment as well as provide lasting visibility. The client can come back for touch-ups as and when needed. The surgery specialists at True Radiance Medspa will offer you with the best treatment. Our service areas include the different parts of Goldsboro, Greenville, NC, Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Smithfield, Wilson.

How this treatment works?

It differs from any other wrinkle reducing method as it does not have a dermal filler. The moment you visit us, our professionals will push an injection directly into a furrow line, furrow or wrinkle. The muscle beneath will get temporarily paralyzed and the affected area will begin in smoothing out and remain this way for at least 4 months. Some of the benefits of undergoing this treatment in our clinic are as follows,

  • It is a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and lines and both the genders will experience a soft and flawless complexion devoid of any surgical enhancement. This method is invasive, thus will help to treat wrinkles, especially in the neck, around the mouth and the forehead
  • It can help to lift the brow via making the face appear less tired thereby providing a youthful appearance
  • Sweating, especially under the arms for most people is quite embarrassing. Botox treatment will help in lessening the sweat produced for minimizing this problem
  • Following this treatment people have experienced fewer to even no migraine headaches. It can prove extremely beneficial for people suffering from chronic headache

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